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Introducing: Dr. Arash Mohrdar D.C.
The "Brains" behind X-Cell Aminos
the best post workout recovery available

Dr. Arash Mohrdar


Dr. Arash Mohrdar, D.C.,  graduated from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1990. His practice emphasizes the importance of personalized medicine. Through chiropractic medicine, nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, supplementation, and an extensive understanding of human biochemistry, he is determined to address the root cause of disease. 


Utilizing a wide range of specialized remedies, techniques and modern technology , he specializes in treating the "whole patient", addressing his patient's emotional as well as physical needs. His focus on preventive measures and early diagnosis of disorders allows for the prevention of degenerative phases within the body directly linked to disease, hence the foundation of his current practice of holistic and chiropractic medicine.

Dr. Mohrdar formulates and produces his own remedies. X-Cell aminos is one example. He is passionate and motivated to produce safe and effective products for people who are inspired to achieve physical fitness.  

The homepage of Mohrdar Institute is


Watch as Dr. Mohrdar explains the foundation for his practice

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